Original Fiction

This page is the one into which I will be putting the most emotional and time investment.  My intention is to publish one new horror short story, written by yours truly, each month.  I will keep these to a professional standard and welcome constructive criticism on my work (although if you just start bad mouthing me without the "constructive" part, I will delete your posts and you will die a horrible death in a future work of fiction :-) ).  If the feedback is good from my work, I may try to put together a yearly anthology of short stories.

*  Please note that all work on this site is the intellectual property of Ira Matthew Gansler.  Any reproduction in any form or media requires permission of the author.  Access granted on this site does not substitute permission for reproduction.


  1. What better way to spend your Friday eve then witnessing the end of humanity as we know it! That's right, "Crawlies" part 1 is now up on the blog as the first part of my first piece of original fiction to be uploaded to this site! See the world end not at the hands of Zombies, Vampires, or natural disasters, but at the claws of a breed of spider-like creatures known simply as "Crawlies!"

  2. Have you been feeling those legs slowly creeping up your spine? Have you searched the corners of your room to make sure there aren't eight eyes staring at you, waiting for you to go to sleep? Have you been going out of your way to crush every insect or arachnid you have seen just to be safe? Maybe this will help. Or maybe it will just make it worse! Either way, "Crawlies" part 2 is now up on The Rage Circus Vs. The Soulless Void.


  3. The itsy bitsy spider,

    Wiped out humanity!

    Admit it, you were singing along, weren’t you? Maybe it’s because you have been so eagerly awaiting the third installment of Crawlies. Well, wait no longer, because here it is! See what fresh horrors await our survivors, if you dare! http://ragecircus.blogspot.com/2014/01/original-fiction-crawlies-part-3.html

  4. Are you sick of crime? Are you tired of fearing for your safety in a world where morality seems to have crumbled? What if you could fix that? What if the possible solution was even more horrifying then the problem itself? Would you take the risk? Check out one possible outcome of this type of situation in my latest short story - "U.S. Department of Justice, Office of the Chief Necromancer."