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Welcome to The Rage Circus Vs. The Soulless Void - a blog of all things horror!  My intent with this blog is to provide my opinions and reviews on horror movies, games, books, and comics.  Along with this, I will seek insight from others working in the horror field through interviews with horror directors, actors, writers, and other industry professionals.  In addition, I will be attempting to add at least one original short story a month.  Finally, as my own horror writing career begins shortly, I will be supplying information as it becomes available about my own work in the horror field!  So turn out the lights, sit back, and prepare for sweet terrors all through the night!

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  1. By the way, are you wondering where the title for this blog originated? Wonder what it means? Well, I will share the first part in my first game review. As for the second, it breaks down in a simple manner. When my friends and I came up with ideas for the blog title, I looked them over and "The Rage Circus Vs. The Soulless Void" really stuck with me. As I thought more about it, I realized that this probably sums up horror pretty well. Horror is one of two things based on how effectively it is executed in its chosen medium. It is either a rage circus, evoking emotions from us ranging from fear to anger and rage to sorrow. Each part plays on a different part of our feelings as it comes to us through a variety of means and from all directions. The other end of the spectrum is the soulless void. Too often, this is what horror tends to be today. It is devoid of anything that truly makes us feel and simply goes for the shock value. It tries to follow a pattern that has worked in the past at the expense of originality and true modern horror. That is why we should embrace great horror when we find it. This is why I will focus more on film makers and authors who are not as well known while also looking back to some of the classics that established the genre in the first place. In my humble opinion, we must look to the independents and the small publishers who are willing to take risk to find our modern horror that deserves to be celebrated.