Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Movie Review - Kill That Bitch

There is so much I would like to say about this movie.  I must refrain from most of it due to a desire to not spoil a single thing about this movie for any potential viewers.  For that reason, I ask that any readers excuse me if this review seems very broad.  This must be said, however.  See this movie.  I will cut right to the chase on the summary of this review.  See this movie today.  Allow me to try to share with you why while avoiding revealing anything that would ruin the experience for you.

I have been a fan of Dustin Mills since a friend insisted I watch Puppet Monster Massacre.  As a fan that has followed his work ever since, I can say without hesitation that each film Dustin Mills makes shows his steady growth as a film maker.  His productions and his stories become more and more impressive with each successive film.  Kill That Bitch was no exception.

This may be Dustin Mills' most artistic horror film to date.  His use of carefully planned shots, lighting, music, and his use of time stretching at certain points are nothing short of amazing.  With these talents and the obvious hard work Mills put into this production, it is a demonstration of everything that independent horror can and should be.  As usual, Mills continues to surround himself with talented people and the results are evident.

Say what you will about independent actors and actresses, but I think those in this film were nothing short of professional caliber.  Brandon Salkil shows yet again why he is Mills' go-to lead actor.  Even though his face is hidden behind a mask for most of the film, his voice and mannerisms are unmistakable for any fan.  Salkil once again brings his A game to a project and holds nothing back.  This may have been a first acting credit for Jessica Cook, but you couldn't tell from the amazing performance she gave throughout the movie.  Her emotion drives the movie and never feels fake.  She is an actress we should hope to see a lot more of in coming features.  In all honesty, the same could be said for the rest of the cast.  Bloodcountess Bathory, Erin R. Ryan, Elysia S. Gibson, Haley Madison, Mandi Monroe, and Josh Eal all give one-hundred and ten percent in this film and show why they deserve to be acting in large budget films.  Each one of these actors can hold their own with any recent horror film star that brings in a much larger paycheck for the simple reason that Hollywood backs them.

Perhaps the thing that I found most impressive in this film was the effects.  When Dustin Mills set out to create Kill That Bitch, he did it with the goal of it being his first film that included one-hundred percent practical effects.  He was greatly successful in this goal and creates a film that will make you shudder at some of the violence.  There may be moments when things don't look perfectly real, but you have to consider that Dustin Mills is not working with some ridiculously high budget, but is making these effects on his own in addition to all of his other jobs in the production.  For me, the practical gore effects were reminiscent of Tom Savini's early work and I was ecstatic to see a return to practical effects, even if only for a single movie.

Without going into any spoilers, there is not a whole lot else I can say about this film.  So again, I would simply encourage any horror fan to check this movie out.  This is not a film that you should miss.  While you are at it, go check out the rest of Dustin Mills' movies.  If this film is any indication of the quality of his work in the future, he is sure to be a future big name in horror.

And now, on a scale of 1 - 5, the Rage Circus score of this movie as follows:
  Acting - 5/5
 Story - 5/5
 Effects - 4.5/5
 Camera Work/Production Skill - 5/5
 Overall Entertainment Value - 5/5
Kill That Bitch is available through any of the following links:
Dustin Mills Productions - http://dmp.storenvy.com/

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