Sunday, April 13, 2014

Henrique Couto announces new film! Rage Circus blogger a writer on the project!!

Today, director Henrique Couto announced his latest project.  Couto is the director of eight films, including the incredible Babysitter Massacre and Haunted House on Sorority Row.  Couto will be collaborating with three additional writers to bring this project to life.  The film is an anthology style horror fest that pays homage to EC comics and Tales from the Crypt.  The stories are all brought together under a common thread by Amos Satan, a radio shock host who decides, on his last night on the air, to reveal the four scariest true stories he has come across throughout his career. 

All of the scenes involving Amos Satan are being written by Couto himself.  In addition, Couto will pen the segment Worth the Wait  in which a young woman tries to stay sane as she waits for her lover to return with a fortune he stole from the woman he murdered.  Couto is joined by horror veteran John Oak Dalton, who previously worked with Couto as the writer of Haunted House on Sorority Row.  Dalton's segment Fair Scare tells the story of bank robbers who decide to commit a terrible act in the name of splitting their loot only two ways.  Also joining Couto are Jeremy Biltz and Rage Circus blogger Ira Gansler (for those of you new here, that would be me).  Jeremy Biltz is a reviewer for DVD Talk, with 264 movie reviews posted at the time of this writing.  Biltz will be writing the segment Painting After Midnight where an artist goes to devilish length to create paintings to die for.  Ira Gansler is the writer/editor of The Rage Circus Vs. The Soulless Void horror blog as well as the author of two future horror novels, and another in-progress collaboration with Couto.  Gansler's segment, Office Case, presents a former police officer who takes a job as a night watchmen only to be haunted by all the lives he ruined while in the line of duty.

All in all, this promises to be another exciting and entertaining horror film from film veteran Henrique Couto.

You can read Couto's official announcement of the film here:

You can also follow the progress of the movie at:

You can anticipate additional information as it becomes available here at The Rage Circus as well.

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